Energy Service Solutions

We have a range of energy savings equipment and options that, if installed or used, could really help you save both energy and money.

Beckett AquaSmartâ„¢ Boiler Control
The Beckett AquaSmart is a patented, microprocessor-controlled device for boiler (hydronic) heating systems that automatically adjusts the average temperature of the circulating hot water in your system as your heating needs change, providing the right amount of heat at the right time.

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Features and Benefits
The Beckett AquaSmart not only saves you money by reducing fuel consumption but also delivers the following features and benefits:

Consistent comfort in your home with automatic water temperature adjustment to never let the boiler water temperature get too cold or too hot
Reduces system maintenance and extends boiler life
Low water cut off for safe performance of your boilers system
Fail-safe operation with a 5-year replacement warranty
Short payback period on your investment and long-term savings
And much more

  • FACT: If every installed boiler in the US had an AquaSmart boiler control, energy consumption would be reduced by 24 million barrels of fuel per year
  • FACT: The AquaSmart is compliant with 2012 federal regulations mandating temperature controls on all heating appliances

How can the Beckett AquaSmart help me save?

By reducing oil consumption, you’ll lower heating bills season after season. See how the savings add up:

Savings Based On Average Cost of Heating Oil

Gallons Used Gallons Saved $3.00 $3.25 $3.50 $3.75 $4.00 $4.25 $4.50
600 60 $180.00 $195.00 $210.00 $225.00 $240.00 $255.00 $270.00
700 70 $210.00 $227.50 $245.00 $262.50 $280.00 $297.50 $315.00
800 80 $240.00 $260.00 $280.00 $300.00 $320.00 $340.00 $360.00
900 90 $270.00 $292.50 $315.00 $337.50 $360.00 $382.50 $405.00
1,000 100 $300.00 $325.00 $350.00 $375.00 $400.00 $425.00 $450.00
1,200 120 $360.00 $390.00 $420.00 $450.00 $480.00 $510.00 $540.00
1,400 140 $420.00 $455.00 $490.00 $525.00 $580.00 $595.00 $630.00

Enjoy a minimum of 10% savings GUARANTEED!*

The unit’s manufacturers guarantee that anyone who purchases and installs the Beckett AquaSmart Boiler Temperature Control with the HeatManager fuel economizer will reduce their energy consumption for heating by a minimum of 10% in the first full year of operation. If your equipment does not use 10% less energy in that year, Beckett will refund the full purchase price of the product.*

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*Consumption data must be normalized for the period of comparison. Not valid on boiler systems that currently have energy saving devices installed. Contact your AquaSmart installer to return your AquaSmart and arrange for a refund. Maximum refund will be $350 US.

Modulating Condensing Boilers – High & Low Mass.

Condensing boilers are water heaters in which a high efficiency (typically greater than 90%) is achieved by using the waste heat in the flue gases to pre-heat the cold water entering the boiler. They may be fuelled by gas or oil and are called condensing boilers because the water vapor produced during combustion is condensed into water, which leaves the system via a drain.

Variable Speed Circulator Pumps

These pumps operate at variable speeds and deliver the correct flow rates based on the demand for heat. This results in further reduced energy costs by saving electricity and proper heat transfer to the conditioned space.

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